Q serija

The Q-Series combines a variety of technologies with remarkable results as well as maintaining the maxims of the d&b System reality. It comprises Q and Qi loudspeakers, which are designed for simple deployment in mobile environments or for permanently installed rider driven performance spaces respectively. The Qi versions differ only in their unobtrusive mounting hardware allowing aesthetic integration and the ability to colour coordinate both the system and rigging to visual requirements. The Q-Series loudspeakers have conventional rotatable CD horns, dipolar driver arrangements and toroidal wave shaping devices integrated using line array principles. The exceptional Q factor symbolizes the precise dispersion control to very low frequencies and for the size and weight they produce surprisingly high sound pressure levels. These flexible loudspeakers can be effortlessly and scalably combined for a multitude of small to large coherent arrays. They are ideal for situations using numerous open microphones and where considerable gain before feedback is required for speech and music; in theatre, presentations, broadcast productions and orchestral events.